Oh Yeah, You Blend   4 comments

Oh Yeah, You Blend


Stealthy little dude, isn’t he?

While shooting bees working over our new lemon trees (Too Loaded to Fly), I noticed this guy tucked in deep among the flowers.

It’s nice to see that in addition to the lemon trees providing fruit and the most delightful aroma you could imagine, we’re also feeding the local wildlife. Bees are having a tough time of it, lately. Symbiosis rocks!

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4 responses to “Oh Yeah, You Blend

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  1. I don’t know…you’re a lot braver then I am. I don’t think I’d want to get that close to these little guys. Great capture and I love the selective focus.

  2. Love seeing stuff like this!

  3. Nice one, hard to believe you have that much color down there already

  4. Spot on Focus and DOF.

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