Grandfather’s Legacy   14 comments

Grandfather's Legacy


We recently had the pleasure of spending a day with Jeff, a new friend who builds the most amazing birdhouses out of timber and tin recovered from old barns, sheds, and smoke houses. Wandering about his rural property while chatting and taking photos, we got a better sense of his artistic inclinations. We already knew that he loved each of his birdhouse creations. What we discovered was that he seemed to be on a mission to repurpose old buildings, giving them a second life by saving them from inexorably melting into the landscape.

At his property, a quiet place dotted with sheds, cabins, and workshops, I noticed an irresistible old tractor peeking out from an open shed. As we had other places to visit, we had almost passed this by. It turned out that the tractor was more important than we knew…

The tractor is a ’55 Allis Chalmers B. Jeff’s wife’s grandfather owned it and used it to work his garden. He was a farmer for much of his life and he loved his tractor. Grandfather is now gone, but the tractor is being maintained almost as a monument to his memory, perhaps one of the last tangible reminders of the man who used it to till the land.

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14 responses to “Grandfather’s Legacy

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  1. Beautifully processed Rob. You’ve brought out all the wonderful details I feel like I can reach out and touch the tractor.

  2. Awesome processing! Great details.

  3. Amazing HDR treatment

  4. STUNNING! I cannot get enough of great tractors like this, and the story that comes with it is just wonderful, Rob! Fan-flippin-tastic work, my friend.

  5. Wow! That image really pops off the screen. Almost 3D. Tremendous processing

  6. Wonderful image! Lots of character.

  7. Beautifully done; wonderful sentiment.

  8. That’s a very cool story. You never know the story behind some things.

  9. Very nice dynamic range in this one Rob, nice catch for sure

  10. Great photo and a great story, Rob. Always nice to get some history behind an image.
    Excellent details in this shot, almost like being there.

  11. Have to join others! It was my pleasure reading and watching, again! Thank you, Rob!

  12. Great narrative Rob and super HDR.

  13. Enjoyed the day Rob. Your photography is awesome. Can’t look at this picture without welling up. Thanks again brother.

  14. Great details and sharpness!

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