Life Amongst the Ruins   6 comments

Life Amongst the Ruins


After meeting up at Jeff’s place, where Grandfather’s Legacy was taken, we cruised out to a couple of good ‘Rurex’ locations for more pictures. These are locations where Jeff – with permission – carefully dismantles old buildings for repurposing into birdhouses and furniture. It’s a way of giving a second life to these old and neglected beauties.

Sadly, in many cases the houses and barns have been hit by vandals, who seem to have no respect for their history. While not unusual or surprising, it is a bit startling to see the damage they can do to a place.

We carefully picked our way through the center hall of this 1920’s American Foursquare to the back of the house, and I was struck by the juxtapositional nature of the ruins against the spring green fields and vining wisteria. Left alone, they would eventually become one.

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6 responses to “Life Amongst the Ruins

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  1. Yes nature does have a way of taking over. Terrific shot Rob.

  2. Thanks, Edith! I appreciate your stopping by.

  3. I love this three-dimensional beauty, Rob. Very creative composition, leading our eye to each corner, of this jam-packed frame!

  4. Nice find Rob, the natural processing really lends to the scene and the bushes on the right, so detailed, nice find

  5. This is a wonderful image!

  6. Great processing, Rob!

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