Stud Muffin   8 comments

Stud Muffin


I’ve found that Carolina anoles make great subjects for photography. They’re unusual and useful animals, they tend to stay still long enough to get the shot, and when seen closely, their antics are charming.

This little guy climbed up seven feet onto the top of one of the birdboxes in the meadow, and from there put on a courtship display. To whom, I have no idea. He’d get up on his toes, pump up and down a couple of times, then take a deep breath and puff out his call sign. I can only trust it works for him.

After first checking to make sure he wasn’t smuggling our strawberries, I moved in for a series of interesting close-up shots. After I had moved away, we began to wonder where he’d go from there. Almost as soon as we had the thought, we saw him BASE jump off the birdbox into the tall clover below. We never knew he could do that.

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8 responses to “Stud Muffin

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  1. Wow, what vibrant colors! Looks liek a pretty cool dude to study! Good stuff!

  2. Great details and color Rob. Looks like he is ready to jump

  3. Fantastic shot. Clever positioning so his massive ‘strawberry whatsit’ had the prefect background. That is quite some display!

  4. Wow that’s brilliant. I love his colors and the detail is excellent.

  5. Dude, this is awesome. That red is such a stark contrast to the body, and the texture of the skin is yummy. These little Anoles are treating you well!

  6. The colors are fab Rob. Love the way the head is isolated on the blue background.

  7. Dude, that’s cool! Base jumping Leezords!

  8. Nice vibrant colors Rob, well done

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