Working the Wisteria   5 comments

Working the Wisteria


While shooting the interior of the house featured in “Life Amongst the Ruins“, I noticed that heavy growth of wisteria had taken over the back of the house. With its vibrant color, I thought it would make a good subject against the backdrop of weathered wood siding. It’s a fascinating plant in that for a week or two each spring, the colors really pop. After the decline of the blossoms, though, it begins to resemble nothing more than an invasive vine.

It wasn’t until I was post-processing this image that I noticed a little visitor. If you look closely just above the vine, near the bottom of the first slat, you’ll see someone who loves the flowers even more than we do.

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5 responses to “Working the Wisteria

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  1. Really love the simplicity of this and the “little visitor.”

  2. This Wisteria looks great against the siding. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful old wisteria on the front of our house. It’s in bud at the moment and will flower in a week or so provided the weather warms up a bit. Keep watching my blog – there will be at least one post of it.

  3. Simplicity at its best. Love the shadows and light Rob.

  4. I’ve also noticed how beautiful those vines are in spring. . .completely covering some trees. Too bad they can kill those beautiful majestic trees. Oh well, they’re still beautiful. Nice image and lighting, Rob

  5. Very cool. Is it just me, or does that plant have a cool name too?

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