Mom Told Me to Freeze   11 comments

Mom Told Me to Freeze


Each spring, we become aware of at least one momma rabbit who sets up her den somewhere in the yard. It’s predictable that at some point, we’ll see one if not several young bunnies exploring the new, glorious, nutrient-rich environment that we call “garden.”

This year has been better than previous years. We know of only one young’n – this one – and he seems perfectly content to munch on what’s left of our field of crimson clover. So far, he has bypassed all the good, human stuff.

Like the Carolina anoles, under the right circumstances a bunny can present a great photo op, as they freeze perfectly still when confronted with danger. In this case the danger was in the form of some big, two-legged galoot with a 300mm lens. While shooting, I told him that we have to learn to coexist for our mutual benefit.

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11 responses to “Mom Told Me to Freeze

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  1. You know, the detail in the fur is cool, but what really caught my eye was the veins in the ears. Such a cut little critter. Well, cute until you realize they just ate a row of your freshly planted strawberries. Grrr.

  2. I’m sure he took the comments to heart! Really nice pic of the cute little guy! Galoot!

  3. Fantastic shot Rob. He’s a real cutie. The detail that you’ve achieved (including the veins in his ears) is unbelievable.

  4. Nice capture, and lovely processing!

  5. Great catch Rob. Excellent details.

  6. Most wonderful work here, good sir! And I love how you respect and care for said bunny. We’ve got a new family of deer in our yard… much the same thing going on there. Love ’em to bits. GREAT work, Rob, a really wonderful post.

  7. Wonderful shot man! I see so many rabbits of diff types where I live it’s nuts. That and saving a bunch from the ravages known in these parts as “smokey” (my cat)

  8. Nice catch Rob, the Easter Bunny is a couple weeks late! Nice processing and detail in the ears

  9. Nice one…beautiful, intense colors..

  10. How seet a fellow, and a very nice photo!

  11. Sorry: I meant sweet of course…

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