Deere Prudence   10 comments

Deere Prudence


It’s prudent to be mindful of your surroundings when you’re out exploring.

Always on the lookout for good locations, we passed by this scene and I couldn’t help but note the John Deere tractor parked next to an old shed. The placement looked idyllic – a perfect setup.

We turned around in a driveway down the street and came back for the shot. The tractor and sheds were set back from the road quite a ways, and I wanted to get closer. But, a small, abandoned house was just to the right, and there was a prominent, hand-painted sign hung on an old tree that conveyed a clear message: “No Trespassing.” The driveway where we had just turned around was for a newer house, and as is often the case, the newer digs are built off to the side while these old beauties dissolve into the landscape.

The whole setup was just creepy enough that I didn’t choose to find the owner for permission, and I sure didn’t think it was a good idea to go any further onto the property. People can get ornery around here when you mess with their stuff.


Processed as an HDR image with texture overlay and sepia toning via Silver Efex Pro. I wanted to create deep, mysterious shadows on the edges while maintaining a lighted path for the eye to travel to the tractor. Hopefully, the overall effect gives the viewer the same trepidatious feeling I had when taking the shot.

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10 responses to “Deere Prudence

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  1. Nice vintage feel Rob, suits the scene well

  2. Very cool Rob! Love your processing here. I’m with Mike, it gives it a nice vintage feel! Great work! Have a great weekend!

  3. I am going to guess that John Deere doesn’t run anymore. I love how old buildings can stand the test of time so well. Nice work 🙂

  4. You certainly achieved what you were after. Beautifully composed Rob and I love the tones and foreboding feeling.

  5. Cool shot and good advice. Can’t tell you how many times I have almost walked into snakes while trying to text my wife back what time I would be home! Oh, and once I even walked into a pissed off pelican. Got myself a snap on the arm for good measure too! (damn bird…)

  6. I really like this, very “classic Americana”, and the processing is great.

  7. You nailed it. Perfect processing to convey the feeling.

  8. This is exceptional Rob, great work!

  9. Fantastic Photo! Well done. I love the gritty, old school feel.

  10. Beautiful processing. I love the sepia tone with just a bit of subtle green in the tractor.

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