The Donkey Conveys   11 comments

The Donkey Conveys


Leaving Moosehead Lake in Maine, we found this relic on the side of the road, causing a quick turnaround to take some shots. Luckily, the owners of the property were nearby, and they allowed me to have a look around (but not inside, thankfully.)

I was a bit surprised when I went around the back of the house and found a donkey on a line. Yes, a real donkey. Although I tried to avoid him, he kept coming after me, either looking for a handout or a free portrait.

I didn’t have any food on hand.

_DSC5749 - Version 2


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11 responses to “The Donkey Conveys

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  1. Eeire looking place and cool shot! I like the donkey!

  2. Man, those freeloading donkeys. Always have their hands out… 🙂

    Sweet shot, reminds me of a place out in Arizona. There they have a ton of donkeys though.

  3. Wonderful capture, the perspective and sky set the mood perfectly

  4. Beautiful processing of that first image, Rob. The donkey is a handsome guy too.

  5. Cute donkey but I love the first image. Processed to perfection. Love the texture in the sky.

  6. Fabulous processing of the neat old house shot! The donkey is so cute, how could you not take his picture!

  7. I absolutely and unequivocally LOVE this shot, Rob! Well, both of them! But that house, especially! Great textures and interesting points here to take in, all perfectly captured! I like your donkey, too.

  8. Nice images, Rob. Really like the processing on the first with all that great detail.

  9. Cool Donkey. The house shot is good, too. 😀

  10. Sweet find Rob, I think I would have had to find a way in! How are the gardens?

  11. Got sort of a Norman Bates visits the Munsters feel. Nice processing, I like the texture in the sky.

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