Bemis Brook Falls (NH)   7 comments


While sweltering in the heat and humidity of summers in NC, I sometimes go back through my library of images to remind myself of what autumn in New England is like: Cool, serene, colorful, playful, usually clear, sometimes moist, always gorgeous.

One day in 2010, the weather was socked in, making summit attempts pointless. Really… why work that hard in order to see nothing? So, we decided to hike up to Arethusa Falls in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Along the way, we descended to Bemis Brook Falls, a worthy side trip.

During wet weather, you have to be very careful with your footing on these rocks. The algae can make them very slippery. Don’t ask me how I know this. 🙂

You can see a different view of these falls in portrait orientation here, if you’d like.

7 responses to “Bemis Brook Falls (NH)

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  1. What a beautiful spot!

  2. What a great place Rob. Beautiful shot.

  3. Great shot. Love the textures!

  4. Very cool shot. Well done

  5. This is wonderful, Rob! Love the dichotomy of how the logs are strewn about and the sense of chaos this brings against the beautiful backdrop of the falls!

  6. Very nice, I would like to be dipping my toes in there about now, too hot here

  7. All the fallen trees add a lot of interest to the waterfall!

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