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In our garden, every visiting bee is a precious resource. It’s an interesting turnabout, since many of us were raised to fear their sting. Now, we encourage them in, give them a wide berth, and let them go about the business of pollinating the plants. No bees == No fruit.

This little guy was taking a break on some black bean plants, allowing me the chance to shoot from all angles. As I swung around for a front-on view, he kicked his leg forward to grab the leaf. I imagined that he was getting a bit possessive about it, so I deferred the closer shot and backed up a bit.

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16 responses to “My Leaf – My Rules

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  1. I really like this image. The colors are terrific. Can you tell us what lens you were using to take this shot?

  2. Absolutely stunning shot Rob…and I don’t even like bees 🙂 The sharpness is incredible. Just voted for it on 500px!

  3. Ron – For this I used a Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens on a D7000 at 55mm, ISO 200, f/5. While the lavender color on the bee is real, OnOne’s Perfect Effects had a graduated lavender filter that worked well with the colors, popping the bokeh.

  4. That purple is a stunning complement to the green. Add that orange on the bee…..oh yeah! The light behind the bee…oh heck it’s a super image.

  5. Thank you, Edith. I’m delighted that you liked it!

  6. What a beautiful image! The lighting is wonderful.

  7. What an awesome macro Rob. The detail and color is absolutely killer.

  8. Rob, stunning shot!

  9. Amazing photo, Rob! The color is so rich, and I can almost feel the fuzzy texture of that leaf she’s guarding. Beautiful!

  10. wow….sooo amazing shot…i love it !!! so amazing colors.super!!

  11. Nicely done! Love the sharpness of the image!

  12. Booya, my friend, I love this! Of course, I was viewing this picture from 4 feet back so I wouldn’t get stung, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

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  14. Sorry I am late on this one Rob, sweet shot for sure, been wanting to get my macro out but been too busy and Hot! Cheers bud!

  15. Yes it is stunning shot, shallow depth of field is increasing mood .

  16. Sweet shot Rob! Love the colors.

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