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“The way I figure it, dogs are the most advanced beings on the planet. They’re fully self-realized. They possess unconditional love. They forgive instantly. They’re empathetic and sympathetic. They’re incapable of guile or dishonesty. They’re always in the moment, not carrying the past or fretting about the future. Everything’s always new and wonderful. Every place is always the best place to be.”



“I say they’re the most advanced beings and I mean that by our standards; human standards. If you think about the qualities you’d like to possess, the ideal qualities – unconditional love, loyalty, devotion, unwavering friendship, forgiveness, selflessness, sincerity, being fully present in the moment, happiness – qualities we uphold as the loftiest ideals to which we might aspire, they look very much like a good dog; dog consciousness. Of course, by those same ideal standards, humans are far and away the least evolved beings on the planet.”


Amy, Christmas 2009




“We sit on the steps together for the next hour and share happy and sad stories about the enlightened beings we have known.”

– Jed McKenna


Backyard, Deck 08-15-09

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  1. My traveling prayers are with you my dear friend…

  2. Peace to your friend.

  3. What a dear little dog. I love the picture of her curled up with the bear.
    Dogless right now and, after almost two years, finding it hard to replace our beloved dog, Gracie, in our lives.

  4. Awesome little dog shots. And a quote from “Jed Mckenna.” How cool you are brother Rob!

  5. The teddy bear shot totally made me love the pup. Fun set of images!

  6. Awe, great shots Rob, so sorry foy you guys

  7. I’m so sorry Rob. It’s so hard to lose a loving friend. Beautiful tribute, beautiful images.

  8. Wonderful shots. Your words are so true Rob. I’ll never forget the day when I put down our Golden, Jenny.

  9. What a cutie. A wonderful piece of writing, Rob. So true too. Dogs are exceptional animals. They can brighten a room just by being there.

  10. Thank you, everybody, for stopping by to say bye to Amy. We really appreciate it.

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