On Top of Dorr Mountain   12 comments

On Top of Dorr Mountain

The general consensus in photography is that you don’t shoot at the height of the day. I can understand the reasoning, but… I dunno…. sometimes it seems to work out just fine. I think such is the case here, where we’re presented with a stunning view from Dorr Mountain in Acadia National Park (Maine), looking south toward Otter Cove, Blackwoods, and Southwest Harbor, where a few lobsters await us after the hike.

The ‘model’ is my lovely bride, Susan, and yes… that’s a teddy bear in her pack. “Bobo, the Magnificent” he calls himself.

As with my previous image, Boats on Somes Sound in Early Morning Fog, I employed the approach of working with multiple merged frames in 32-bit mode, without the ‘standard’ tonemapping that’s used with Photomatix or other HDR programs. It seems the results are much more crisp and ‘realistic’, while still bringing in the extended dynamic range that multiple frames can provide.

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12 responses to “On Top of Dorr Mountain

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  1. Another great picture Rob!

  2. Ahhh what a view. Great shot Rob.

  3. Great expansive image, personally I think the shooting under the mid-day sun thing is a myth

  4. What a viewpoint, and the inclusion of a figure (and I like the pose) adds a nice touch. Those folk who reckon you shouldn’t shoot at the height of the day don’t climb hills and mountains – if you’re gonna climb something up and down in a day logic says you’ll get there about half way through the day! And the harsh midday light can actually work in your favour – this image is the proof. Great shot, Rob.

  5. Wonderful shot!

  6. Super image Rob! The view awesome and the processing is stellar! Love the bear 🙂

  7. What a view! I gotta get there!

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