Sunset over Somes Sound, Mt Desert Island, Maine   8 comments

Sunset over Somes Sound, Mt Desert Island, Maine


Just another sunset from our campsite in Maine, autumn of 2012.

I understand that we should ‘shoot where we live’ – and there are plenty of opportunities to do so – but the Great State of Maine, with its natural beauty, presents a target-rich environment for beautiful shots. Sometimes, you don’t even have to wander out of your campsite, as was the case here. We were just sittin’ around chilling as the sun went down, and the sky lit up as you see here. While snapping the shutter furiously, I had to remind myself to soak it in.

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Merged in Photomatix Pro to 32-bit TIFF, pre-processed without tonemapping in ACR, finished in Photoshop CS6 with Nik Color Efex Pro filters.

8 responses to “Sunset over Somes Sound, Mt Desert Island, Maine

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  1. Beautiful scene Rob and beautifully captured. I agree…Maine is a feast for the eyes…and the soul.

  2. awesome–as usual o.s.

  3. Wonderful image Rob. Shoot wherever you want, you make everywhere beautiful!

  4. Nice scene, I really like the orange in the sky

  5. Wonderful Image.Great composition and lighting. I love your work and look forward to seeing what new and wonderful images you post.

  6. So beautiful and peaceful!

  7. Nice, peaceful and a great composition, Rob.

  8. Lovely, Rob, great reflections and those colors in the sky are wonderful!

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