Weathered Barn Door   9 comments

Weathered Barn Door

It was a beautiful autumn day in New Hampshire. After finishing a hike with Susan and my ol’ college friend, Tom, we were hanging around the truck having some lunch. No need to go anywhere else, as we warmed the bones in the sun.

A woman came down the road walking her dog, and as often happens in New England, we wound up having a nice conversation with her. I had my eye on an old, weathered barn across the street. The woman knew the owner of the barn, and suggested that the owner would have no problem if I moved in close for some pictures.

I loved how, in addition to the weathered wood, shadows from a nearby tree were playing across the doorway. This is the kind of rustic scene that, sadly, we don’t see too much of these days.


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9 responses to “Weathered Barn Door

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  1. Beautiful photo, Rob. I love old wood.!

  2. Wonderful textures.

  3. looks like home os

  4. Those shadows are very cool! Love anything to do with old barns! Good stuff!

  5. Love the colours and textures, and the overlaid shadows add something extra

  6. I love these types of finds and you’re right the shadow play on the door really adds to the image.

  7. Beautiful old weathered wood. I like the shadows too. Nice find!

  8. Love, love, love this, Rob!

  9. Great job capturing the textures Rob

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