A Mother’s Kiss   8 comments

A Mother's Kiss


Love, for some, is another mouthful of juicy bugs.

We’ve set up a couple of birdhouses out in the garden. This one was made by Jeff Garvey, who creates beautiful birdhouses made entirely from reclaimed pieces of abandoned barns and houses. (Be sure to check out his Facebook page Recycling is for the Birds.)

Mom and Dad have been working tirelessly to bring the young ones all the food they need. One day, as Mom stopped at the birdbath nearby, she looked up as though to say, “I’m just so tired,” and then flew off in search of more food.

The day after this image was taken, the little ones left the nest. They’re still hanging around the homestead, getting the lay of the land and more bug chow from the parents.


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8 responses to “A Mother’s Kiss

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  1. Rob, wonderful shot!

  2. Wow Rob what an unbelievable capture.

  3. Great capture!

  4. Amazing shot! The way birds care for their young’s, so touching!

  5. Great shot indeed, Rob

  6. Great to see the signs of spring through a Hanson lens…Get that macro! Cheers and will chat soon

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  8. Amazing shot! Perfect timing

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