REALLY Angry Bird   5 comments

Really Angry Bird


He probably has every right to be angry, what with a camera pointed at his bath.

Mockingbirds are particularly cantankerous. They’ll squawk, sing countless songs, and chase interloping birds out of their territory. And around here, they’re everywhere.

This image was captured by setting the Nikon D7000 behind some cover foliage, then using a wireless remote trigger to take the shot. One thing we have over the birds is technology.

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5 responses to “REALLY Angry Bird

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  1. LOL…he doesn’t look happy does he? Very nice capture.

  2. The detail and clarity are excellent. He is giving you that “look”!

  3. Nice shot of this angry mocker!

  4. awesome shot. i lived in the South in my youth and we had lots of Mockingbirds.
    always loved ’em…

  5. You’re sure getting the full 100% Evil Eye, Rob.

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