‘Gator, Resting   7 comments

'Gator, Resting

It was early January.

We had come to the Okefenokee Swamp to shelter ourselves from the oncoming storm, the ferocity of which we couldn’t even imagine at the time… rain, high winds, bone-numbing cold. (Okay, so the state park at Okefenokee has really nice cabins, you see.)

Late in the afternoon during a break in the rain, we wandered around to see what we could find, and discovered this guy. We were surprised to see him at all, as alligators are markedly less active and visible in the cold weather. He didn’t mind at all as I snapped a few pictures. Good thing: This was taken at 55mm, a rare opportunity to get so close without being chomped.


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7 responses to “‘Gator, Resting

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  1. What a nice, sweet ‘gator! 😉

  2. Really cool shot.

  3. Unique capture Rob. All the parts play so well together.
    No sweat when gators are in the water. Better not get so close approaching from the water when they are sunning on a bank. They have only one place to go for safety…..towards the water and you!!

  4. Hmmm, I think this is Gator, pretending to be resting, waiting for a little Hanson lunch. Tricky little sods they are. Love the image! Glad you we are not calling you Rob Hook now 🙂

  5. I love seeing these in the wild, nice processing on this one

  6. YIKES! Man, you were close to this here feller, Rob! GREAT shot, love the details… I think I will take a minute, though, before I climb down outta this tree that I hustled up when I saw this shot!

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