So I’ll Follow the Sun   4 comments

So I'll Follow the Sun

Despite being on the road in Florida for almost two weeks, the winter weather dictated that we would get only one kayak paddle trip. Fortunately, the Silver River was loaded with wildlife of all sorts.

Passing by one of the many downed trees along the way, we spotted a primordial procession of turtles leaves the water, seeking the warmth of the sunshine. Given that we were bundled up against the cold north wind, it seemed like a good idea.


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4 responses to “So I’ll Follow the Sun

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  1. Love the turtle procession.

  2. What a sweet little family. Very nicely captured Rob.

  3. I love this!! Great capture (and it reminds me of my daughter’s Reeves Turtle, Tippy, and how he’d sun in his tank for hours. Bet he’d rather be here 🙂

  4. I love finding turtles like this, they normally dive in by the time I try to snap a frame, of course you were paddling so there may be a stealth factor. Sweet shot!

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