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A neighbor in our community let us know that he had a Great Horned Owl nesting in one of his pine trees. Since he knew the mother’s behavior, it seemed like an excellent opportunity to photograph this rather rare bird.

In order not to startle her out of the nest, we had to climb a ladder along the side of the house, up to the roof, and carefully peer over the peak. Setting up a tripod there was rather challenging. I looked through the lens at 300mm, and… no bird.

My neighbor told me that she never spends more than about 5 minutes out of the nest, so I waited. Sure enough, she came back to the area in a short while. As she flew from tree to tree, she was constantly badgered by other birds, with jays, crows, and mockingbirds all making a racket.

She eventually flew into the nest, settled down, and proceeded to have a staring contest with the human on the roof. (She won handily.)

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  1. Beautiful shot! I love how she’s framed in the tree.

  2. Wonderful!

  3. Neat shot Rob. Love the texture of the tree.

  4. Wonderfully captured Rob.

  5. A superb image, Rob

  6. Good Lord, Rob, this is AMAZING! I love how she blends into her surroundings so well that she almost disappears, save for those piercing golden eyes staring intently back at you. The hair on the back of my neck stands up straight when staring at her, I can just imagine how you must have felt! What an amazing, amazing photograph my friend!

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  8. Nice work Rob, sorry I am late on this, been busy, new grandbaby, car accident yada yada. My cousin has been stalking a snowy owl in Minnesota, I love these birds and wish I could find one here, nice work

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