Daniel Ridge Falls, Pisgah National Forest, NC   7 comments

After returning from New England after our autumn vacation, we decided that we simply hadn’t had enough, so we set out for western North Carolina to catch a few waterfalls.

Okay, so we went for the apples. Farm fresh apples in autumn are not to be considered lightly. We loaded up on several bags of them in between side trips.

One such side trip took us along a narrow forest road, then hiking up a trail for about half a mile to get to the Daniel Ridge Falls. The autumn season had been relatively dry, but there was enough water to provide some interest to the scene.

Three frames at f/11, merged with Photoshop Merge to HDR Pro, toned in ACR, finished in Photoshop with Nik Color Efex Pro.

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7 responses to “Daniel Ridge Falls, Pisgah National Forest, NC

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  1. Beautiful work on this waterfall. When I have images like this I will try to crop out the tiny bit of sky in top border. Or if I can not then I will use a clone tool and get rid of it.

  2. Good to see your images coming up here again! Have a great new year 2015!

  3. Nice Rob. Same post procesing like older pictures? I mean 32 bit then acr and ps? Very nice!

  4. Beautiful shot.

  5. Nice to see you posting Rob, Happy New Year to you and Susan, nice waterfall!

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