No, YOU Pull His Tail!   4 comments

A bale of turtles contemplates their next prank at Silver River, Florida.

My thanks go to Jennifer McGowan. We were having dinner with her family the other night before we attended a taping of NPR’s “Wait, Wait… Don’t Tell Me.” Her words of encouragement inspired me to sit down and get back to publishing some images, this being the first in quite a while.

Part of my absence was due to travel. We hit the road for the month of April, traveling to Florida with a pickup truck loaded with kayaks, bicycles, and SCUBA gear. While on these trips, I don’t take any devices that would allow me to process or publish images; I simply prefer to stay fully engaged with my surroundings rather than being distracted by FREDs (Frickin’ Ridiculous Electronic Devices.)

The other reason for not publishing many images is just due to the time it takes from every day. I do love creating these things, but every time I do, I look up at the clock and wonder where my morning went.

Every now and then, though, someone comes along almost out-of-the-blue and says such very kind words about the effort, reflecting their enjoyment of what they’ve seen posted here. That particular reflection let me know that I’m not doing this in a void — as it sometimes seems to me — and that there is something to it all that is very worthwhile.

Posted May 25, 2015 by Rob Hanson Photography in animals

4 responses to “No, YOU Pull His Tail!

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  1. I think the turtle in the water isn’t going to play this game…

  2. Great caption!

  3. Great shot here, Rob, absolutely iconic! Love seeing something new from you, my friend, your work has always been a source of inspiration and delight for me. Best wishes, good sir!

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