A Long Falls Time   2 comments

A Long Falls Time by Rob Hanson on 500px.com


It seemed far too long since I’ve published any images, so I thought I’d get back to what I like to do.

Back in late September, 2012, we found this small waterfall and pool below Long Falls in northern Maine. I think it was near Long Falls. Maybe. It’s been a while.

I set up on the slippery rocks and took a series of bracketed exposures, but for this image, I only used one ridiculously long exposure. Sometimes, simpler is better.


2 responses to “A Long Falls Time

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  1. Hey, Man.Good to see you’re still out there taking amazing photos.Best wishes,orva s.

    Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2016 12:46:49 +0000 To: otsclu@msn.com

  2. I love how this not only captures the place and its beauty but also the passage of time.

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