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Posted July 24, 2010 by Rob Hanson Photography

3 responses to “That’s me…

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  1. I love your work, I retired from running a Creative Services shop (for 27 years) and am really getting back into photography. I’ve made the jump to digital (a long time ago) after a decade or two in the darkroom. Love HDR and textures and layers and alternative processes. Just about to start your online tutorial. It’s great that you share… a lot of photographers do not. I found two photographers at Artsplosure in Raleigh last week, you might like their work if you don’t already know them… and Keep up the good work!

  2. I’ve just checked your galleries, there are some amazing photos… Having the same background like you, I can fully understand your urge to activate the right hemisphere. Well, I’m still in software developing business, but started photography more seriously. I started with stock photography this year, so at least it gives me some nice filling that somebody is prepared so spend some money on my photos, no mater how small amount it is 🙂 HDR is something I really love, so I find your tutorials great. Looks like there is something more than only tome mapping 🙂 Still don’t have dedicated web site, just a page to my free software that I developed to help me with tagging photos, so you can take a look…

  3. Do you live in San Diego and teach at Francis Parker School? If so, I just saw one of your images of individuals at the school. They were magnificent!

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