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Get HDR Expose and save 20%

Get 32 Float and save 10%

Thanks to the kind folks at Unified Color, my blog readers can now get a 20% discount on the purchase of HDR Expose, the latest in HDR image processing software, or get a 10% discount when buying 32 Float.  Click the above banner, or use the code ROBHANSON when you check out to claim your discount.  If you’re still not sure, you can download the software for a 30-day trial.

HDR Expose improves upon the already successful HDR processing program, HDR PhotoStudio 2.  Working in 32-bit mode and utilizing the new color model, BeyondRGB, HDR Expose helps you to produce realistic, true-to-life HDR images while retaining all the wonderful color you captured on the sensor. I’ve found it particularly useful for architectural and home interior images.

32 Float is a new Photoshop plug-in that brings your HDR workflow into Photoshop, whether you’re using Photoshop CS3, CS4, or CS5.  You can bring any 32-bit merged HDR file into Photoshop — OpenEXR, Radiance, 32-bit TIFF, JPG, BEF, etc. — and use 32 Float, with an interface similar to HDR Expose, to edit the image in full 32-bit mode.

Unified Color Technologies develops and markets best in class High Dynamic Range (HDR) editing software and technology based on human vision and produces true color HDR results. Unified Color’s HDR Software for Macintosh and Windows, HDR PhotoStudio, HDR Expose™, 32 Float™ are the only HDR applications to provide a full 32-bit floating point color editing workflow for optimal quality and advanced halo reduction producing the most natural looking HDR images.

Unlike other HDR applications that produce “surreal” or “grunge”, Unified Color’s HDR tools are based on the patented Beyond RGB™ color model that encompasses the full human visual gamut and allows for independent color and tonal adjustments with 32-bit precision. HDR Expose includes export plugins for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and Apple’s Aperture image editing software. 32 Float is a full 32-bit HDR color editing plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS3, Adobe Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Posted July 25, 2010 by Rob Hanson Photography

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