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The Asticou Azalea Gardens, Seal Harbor, Maine   5 comments

The Asticou Azalea Gardens, Seal Harbor, Maine


Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate when we’d like to go hiking. When that happens, we take a road trip around the area, looking for new and interesting spots. On our way to Seal Harbor on the south side of Mt. Desert Island, we passed by the Asticou Azalea Gardens.

The day seemed perfect for a soft, moody rendering of this colorful scene. The overcast skies created a soft and diffused light that really helped to pop the autumn colors in an otherwise gray day.


As before, I decided to approach this image as an HDR without tonemapping, preferring to edit in both Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop CS6. I’m really enjoying the result as being more ‘realistic’ than most tonemapping programs would allow. There are times to get creative, and times to let nature stand on its own merits.


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Temporary Beauty   9 comments

Temporary Beauty


In North Carolina, as well as in other parts of the south, azaleas in bloom are the harbingers of spring, not unlike farther north with the return of robins or the melting of snowpack. Unfortunately, the blossoms only seem to last a short while before they drop to the ground, leaving only green foliage for the remainder of the summer.

“Natural beauty is essentially temporary and sad; hence the impression of obscene mockery which artificial flowers give us.” — John Updike

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Bench Press   5 comments

A sculpture at Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina

Bench Press

Image © 2011 Rob Hanson Photography, All Rights Reserved


A recent post on 500px by Daniela Duncan reminded me of our visit to Brookgreen Gardens in South Carolina. I had created a few images from that location, but thought it would be nice to revisit the archives to see what else was available. I found this guy, right where I left him.

Brookgreen Gardens is an amazing place, particularly in the spring when the azaleas are blooming. Well maintained, the extensive gardens have walking paths, fields, animals, and an incredible collection of sculpture. It’s definitely a must-see, but be sure to allot most of a day to see everything.

Nikon D90 with Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens. Three exposure, center at ISO 200, f/2.8, 20mm 1/250s

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