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St. Philip’s Church, Charleston, S.C.

On a beautiful night in May, we had dinner at one of Charleston’s fine restaurants, Tristan, now closed, sadly. (Charleston is noted for being “food obsessed”, an obsession that works out particularly well for us.) Afterward, we wandered around the downtown area looking for interesting photo opportunities.

Although the wind was high that night, the church stood still long enough to capture some interesting frames, with a beautiful ice-ringed moon as a backdrop.

Built in 1836, St. Philip’s Church features an imposing tower designed in the Wren-Gibbs tradition. St. Philip’s is the oldest religious congregation in South Carolina, having been established in 1681.

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Pineapple Fountain, Charleston, S.C.   10 comments

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston, S.C.


We don’t travel to cities very often. I’m more of a country mouse, I suppose.

Recently, we decided to try a few days in Charleston, South Carolina, having heard what a nice city it is for a number of reasons. Charleston did not disappoint in the least.

Tucked away in a remote corner of a park on the waterfront – a place where I’m sure nobody ever goes – we found this cute little fountain chugging away on a beautiful, warm night. It was our great fortune that there were no other people around. Nope, no one taking photos of the fountain itself; no one posing for wedding or engagement shots; no one walking into the frame; no kids jumping around in the water. Just me, Susan, and a camera.

(Just kidding. The park was loaded with humans!)

During a break in the activity around this icon of Charleston, I managed to fire off seven frames to merge in Photomatix to a 32-bit TIF, no tonemapping, ranging from 1/4s to 15s.

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