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Little House Full of Prairie   5 comments

Little House Full of Prairie

Soooo… as I was sayin’, it can be difficult to find good photo targets here in the summer due to the overwhelming growth of foliage. In the winter, it dies back and you can actually see what you’re shooting.

We were returning home by a back road one day when we zipped by this place. I just had to turn around to get the shot.

The place looked abandoned, and I would have loved to find a way in — not likely — but I left wondering why all the windows had been left open. Maybe someone actually wanted to speed up the process of decay? Perhaps they want to leave an easy exit for the raccoon? Curious…

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Southern Summer Cottage   8 comments

A dilapidated cottage in rural eastern North Carolina

Southern Summer Cottage - © 2011 Rob Hanson Photography

In last week’s post A Stair Whisperer’s Invocation, I wrote that at one location we had been stopped by a rather large gentleman in an even larger pickup truck, wondering just what we were doing there. This is ‘there,’ although at the time I had some pretty serious questions as to exactly where ‘there’ was.

One often hears advice that you should shoot what you have available. Even this morning, a blog I follow suggested that you become a tourist in your own area, seeing the sights anew. Well, this is what we tend to have available there in eastern N.C., or at least available for the things that I find interesting. It doesn’t take much of a drive to find some curious mess strewn about.

We walk a curious line, though: In the summertime, subjects like this can be completely overgrown and invisible. In the winter, you can find them more easily, but they lack the interesting foliage. But, sometimes you stumble across the perfect mix — a great opportunity, provided that no one gets too upset about your being there.

Right after taking this set, a pack of dogs started barking across the field. I figured I’d better ‘git.

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Redneck Topiary   6 comments

A forest line covered in kudzu, in rural North Carolina

Redneck Topiary -- © 2011 Rob Hanson Photography, All Rights Reserved

The other day, we were cruising around some back roads when we ran into this stunning display of ‘Redneck Topiary.’ Can you spot the pretty elephant?

Let’s see: Soybeans in the foreground, oak forest in the background, and everything along the edge is covered in kudzu. Kudzu, a vine plant imported from the Far East, has been called, “The Vine That Ate The South.” Sure, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but killing or controlling the overgrowth is nearly impossible. If you stand still for about an hour, the vines would likely wrap around your ankles.


For those following the story of Grace, she dropped her bunny seeds into the den in the hay bale a few days ago. I’ll have to check to see how long the little ones den up before they come out for their final feeding.  Grace tends to call them out of the nest for one last home-cooked meal before sending them out on their own. It’s always a delight to watch the kids foray out for their first trip into the big world. It’s both comical and chaotic.


And a special thanks to all my friends who gave my HDR Processing Techniques tutorial a bump last week. The response has been incredible, with many new views and countless new subscribers to my YouTube channel. Consider that the hour-long video is absolutely free and contains a few tips and tricks that many have found useful, I just wanted to get the word out about its presence, and you all came through for me.  Many, many thanks!

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