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A variety of old rakes graces the side of a barn at Ravenwood Farm, Pollocksville, North Carolina


Another image from alongside the barn near Pollocksville, NC, not far down the exterior wall from where To Every Purpose was taken. This is the same property featured in If You Don’t See It, I Don’t Got It and Sorry, I Wasn’t Expecting Company. Also, the huge John Deere combine seen in MOVE! was shot at this location.

Some people have commented that these walls tell the story of the person who owns and works the farm. That caused me to think more about the idea, as I’ve met and spoken with the farmer who owns the property. Standing at the edge of the field next to his home, you can barely see to the woods line way off in the distance. Sam was born and raised on this large piece of land and worked it for most of his life. Over time, as Sam got older, he reduced his own operation, first leasing the land to other local farmers and then selling parcels to other operators from farther away. These days, he works only about 100 acres, a fraction of what he used to manage, and sometimes needs a hand from another farmer I’ve met from just up the road.

One of the first questions that both Sam and his sister ask is, “Where are you from?” They ask because it’s rather obvious that my answer would start with, “Not here.” Being that they’ve lived on this land all their lives, there is a certain honor in knowing all of the local people, and perhaps a bit of suspicion when they don’t. Over the years, they’ve seen people come and go, and can recite local history in every small detail.  But when Sam tells me about the large farm operation coming all the way from Wilmington (two hours away) to work the land, the story is set against the context of a time when that would have been unheard of.

As I talked to Sam about his farm, I sensed a curious mixture of both pride and sadness, a mixture where a long, rich history dissolves into current-day realities.

Thank you to all who stop by here. I appreciate your visits very much, and it delights me when an image catches your attention long enough to take a closer look.

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens at 17mm, f5, 7 exposures from Promote Control, processed using Photomatix Pro and Nik Color Efex Pro filters.

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To Every Purpose   8 comments

Old barn with rusty equipment on Ravenwood Farm in Pollocksville, North Carolina

Along the side of a barn near Pollocksville, NC, I found a collection of old pieces of farm gear, so I moved in for a close up. This is just one small section of the barn featured in If You Don’t See It, I Don’t Got It and Sorry, I Wasn’t Expecting Company.

Locations like this provide a wealth of opportunities for interesting images, so I consider it good fortune when we run across one of them. One thing I like about this view is that the upper part of the wall, protected by the roof and eaves, is of a distinctly different color than the gray, weathered area farther down the wall.

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens at 20mm, f8, 9 exposures from Promote Control

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