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In the description for my recent image What, Did You Miss Me?, I mentioned that an issue with summer photography in North Carolina is that a lot of the good targets are inundated with weeds, vines, and other foliage. This not only presents a problem in approaching a subject — think tall, itchy weeds on bare, sweaty legs — but the subject itself might be all but invisible under the new growth of summer.

On a recent cruise through the more rural areas of Pamlico County, NC, we managed to find one old barn that had an exposed, northern side, and also happened to be close to the road. Perfect… I’m not sure who owns it — there was a planted field just across the street — but unlike some barns around here, this one was still in service. I would have loved to take a look inside, but the decrepit door was held closed by the leaning 2×4 seen on the right.

I love the character of these old buildings. The rust and the weathered wood always seem to make an interesting subject for HDR processing. I only hope I’ve done this old beauty some justice.

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