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Back Whence It Came   6 comments

Back Whence It Came


Tree. Wood. Ore. Metal. A wagon forged by the hand of a man. All will decay. Nothing lasts forever.


We descended to the bottom of the trail shortly before 5PM, knowing our target. Placed near the equipment shed for the old Stone House, these wagons have been in place and deteriorating beautifully for years.

Unfortunately, since it was 5 o’clock, a few maintenance people were converging on the shed, parking their trucks in all the good spots. Problem. I didn’t think twice before walking up to one of them and jocularly saying, “You know, I traveled over 1,000 miles just to shoot these wagons.” Oh… you’ll move your truck? Why, thanks!

The guys were talking together, but surely also sizing up these people from ‘Away.’ One of them, an older gentleman in bright red suspenders who looked like a cross between Albert Einstein and Kris Kringle, was Frank. I know this because he had a huge sign made of welded pipe running across the back window of his pickup truck – his “Office”.

The sign said, “F – R – A – N – K

I asked him, “Are you Frank?”

“Nope. I’m Ernest,” he replied in a deep New England accent.

“Somehow I doubt that,” I said as we shared a knowing laugh.

And with that, we were introduced to Frank Eastman, a colorful local who has tended the grounds of the Stone House for several decades. After the other guys went home, we chatted with Frank for quite a while. He had worked with the Maine DOT for many years. We talked about how someone had once offered to restore the wagons for display, but Frank had declined, preferring to see them decay in their natural form. After a time, he felt comfortable enough to let us in on a local trail secret — a waterfall that most people don’t know about — and he asked if I could shoot it for him someday.

That’s for next year, when I’ll likely meet up with Frank again. Some people you just want to keep in touch with.

Ya’ll Ain’t From Around Here, Are Ya?   7 comments

Union soldiers stand in a group prior to Battle of New Bern, North Carolina, in a vintage photo treatment

Ya'll Ain't From Around Here, Are Ya? © 2011 Rob Hanson Photography


See what I have to put up with while shooting in North Carolina? Dang interlopers.

I found this motley crew skulking around New Bern, just before the big fight that caused the local boys to retreat to Kinston. Thanks a bunch, Ambrose Burnside.

Filing this under ‘Something I Didn’t Know Before‘, Ambrose Burnside’s distinctive style of facial hair is now known as ‘sideburns’, derived from his last name.



— Grace’s litter is still cooking in the hay bale… we think.  Probably time to take a sneak peek inside to see how far along they are.

— Pulled 25 pounds of organic sweet potatoes out of the ground yesterday, with one weighing in at a whopping 3 pounds, 1.5 ounces. I’ve never seen the likes of it before. It was only then that I found out that North Carolina is the #1 producer of sweet potatoes in the U.S.  Figures.

— Plans are afoot for my doing a new video tutorial. I have two main ideas in mind — melting HDR Express and Photomatix together, and Curves layers — but, if you’d like to make suggestions on what you’d like to see, I’m all ears! Please let me know via email or comment here.


Food For Thought:

You can’t sustain infinite growth on a finite planet.


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Vigilance   2 comments



Just syncing up this morning… I posted this on Flickr yesterday, but was occupied the rest of the day.

This was taken at National Night Out Against Crime in New Bern Tuesday evening. Did these two know that I was watching them?

It seems that not much happens in our town, particularly in the evening, and particularly things we might be interested in doing. But, it was nice to go downtown and see a fairly large number of people gathered for National Night Out Against Crime. The event was a way to bring together people who cared about the safety of their communities — an ever-intensifying issue — so immediately everyone had something in common. The mood seemed to be very high despite the sweltering heat.

The evening at our waterfront park culminated with the police leading a flashlight walk through the downtown area. With my tripod set up along the street, it was a blast to see how people hammed it up as they went by. They’re probably still looking for their pictures in the local paper.

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