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This page provides quick links to some of the tutorials I’ve written.  Enjoy!  If you try one of these techniques and enjoy it, I’d love to hear about it, so please feel free to drop a comment. If there’s anything amiss or just wrong, please note it here so that I can fix it.


HDR Processing Techniques  (Video Tutorial) – June, 2011

A comprehensive, High-Def, hour-long video created as Rob processed a friend’s HDR image, starting from initial analysis of the brackets, using Photomatix Pro to create multiple tonemaps, blending tonemap files in Photoshop CS5, layer masking, image cleanup, Nik Color Efex Pro filters, and final finishing.

The video is broken into five segments of approximately 15 minutes each, and is hosted via YouTube. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel to receive updates whenever new videos are posted.

HDR Processing Techniques, Part 1   Includes Introduction, Image Analysis, Creating multiple tonemaps in Photomatix Pro

HDR Processing Techniques, Part 2  Includes Layering & Blending Tonemap Files in Photoshop CS5, Image Cleanup Techniques

HDR Processing Techniques, Part 3   Includes Defringing, Denoise, LAHR Sharpening

HDR Processing Techniques, Part 4  Includes Nik Color Efex Pro, Color Fixing

HDR Processing Techniques, Part 5   Includes Cropping, Finishing, Output Sharpening, Saving, and Conclusion


Other Tutorials

HDR Shadowmapping  – A technique of merging multiple, disparate tonemaps to bring out detail and contrast. (Text) Updated Feb. 2011

HDR Expose – A first look. (Text) June, 2010

Installing Aperture 3  “Do what they say… Do what they sayyyy!” (Text) June 2010

Posted July 25, 2010 by Rob Hanson Photography

7 responses to “Tutorials

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  2. Lovely site! Nice work

  3. Thanks for a cool tut. I particularly liked your shadowmapped and optimal layers. I’d not seen those before. Will be trying them out.

  4. Thanks, Bernie. I’m glad you enjoyed the tutorial!

  5. This is just great.
    I was so much questionning myself about postprocessing HDR images.
    Thank you for sharing those videos.

  6. Rob, I just finished watching your five-part HDR Processing Techniques tutorial. I’ve never seen the technique where you process the .hdr file three times. I wonder if you could share the Photomatix Pro settings for your “vivid” and “Black/White” presets? thank you.

  7. Sir, thanks for the tutorial video and it is works..

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