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Adult Great Egrets watch over their young, Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge, Delaware

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Great Egrets gather with other waterfowl at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge, Delaware.

This was a delightful find as we decided to take a back road out of Rehoboth Beach. The road passed over a causeway that bifurcated a pond, and the area to the right of the road was just loaded with wildlife. We had to stop for a while.

On a side note, I always found it curious that in a National Wildlife Refuge, hunting is allowed. Doesn’t that seem like a contradiction of terms?


Processing-wise, this was one of those happy accidents.

I fed a single RAW file into Unified Color’s HDR Expose, and while adjusting a few things, I pushed the Shadow Power slider to a very strong setting. This caused the distant background to go dark, with the background birds floating in a rather ethereal way.  The effect was completely unexpected, but I decided to run with it.

Because Unified Color’s 32 Float plug-in for Photoshop allows you to save off layers, I stopped processing in HDR Expose and moved the 32-bit file over to Photoshop for further editing.  After only a few small changes, I did a crop and then applied some light NIK Color Efex Pro filters here and there to draw out areas of interest.

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