That Wathn’t Vewwy Funny   10 comments

That Wathn't Vewy Funny....

Shortly after I threw down the challenge seen in “I Double Dog Dare You!”, the Carolina Anole yanked his tongue off the tomato cage and stormed off, but not without casting a rather cold-blooded look over his shoulder.

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10 responses to “That Wathn’t Vewwy Funny

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  1. Awesome!

  2. He definitely is giving you the eye Rob. You might want to sleep with one eye open.

  3. LOL…I think he’s saying “enough with the pictures already”. What a great capture Rob. His expression is priceless.

  4. lmao. I could see it.

  5. Fabulous detail and focus! He is certainly giving you the “look.”

  6. This is incredible the way you have this framed out. The lines are dynamite. The look on this guy’s face…..should be in an ad…somewhere.

  7. The details here are just crazy man! Awesome framing too! He certainly doesn’t look happy to see you!

  8. Fan-flippin-tastic! I don’t know what I love more; the great photo or your wonderful prose! 🙂

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  10. Great catch Rob, diggin the DOF and details

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