Here’s the Church; It is in Stiepel   10 comments

Here's the Church; It is in Stiepel.

“… We would have gone in, but there were too many people.”

We recently did a three week trip to Germany for medical purposes**. Since we were rather engaged with that whole process, I didn’t have too many opportunities to shoot. Priorities.

The weekend after surgery, we had a few days of downtime, so we just started driving around on small, local roads, knowing that we could plug our hotel address into the car’s SatNav for the return trip, a process made significantly more challenging in that the SatNav only spoke German. We don’t.

At the top of a hill in the village of Bochum-Stiepel along the Ruhr River, we found a lovely church and decided to poke around a bit. Good angles were complicated because a young couple was getting married in the church, and they seemed to have a lot of friends. Also because of the wedding, we couldn’t go inside for a look. After doing some research at home, I regret not having access, as there are frescoes inside that date from the 12th and 16th centuries.

It’s almost unfathomable for an American, but this building dates back to the year 1008 AD, when it was a small single-nave church. Around 1150 AD it was rebuilt into a Romanesque basilica. The single-bay center aisle and the three-bay transept still exists today. During the last quarter of the 15th century this basilica was enlarged to a late Gothic hall church. The surrounding church yard is worth being seeing (and you will.) Its oldest tomb stone dates from 1600 AD and the walls and main gate are even older.

Not bad for a stumble-upon.

For those interested, but not aware of the details, we went to Germany so that Susan could get spinal surgery. (All ahead, Pucker Factor 10.) Her C6/7 disc was just gone, C5/6 would follow soon, so she needed a two-level cervical disc implant – two artificial replacement discs and plates.

Although the implant technology is made here in the U.S., the FDA only *very* recently approved two-level implants using obsolete technology, which means there is little experience among the docs here in the States. In Germany, surgeons have been doing this for many years, and they have state-of-the-art devices available.

If you or anyone you know has spinal issues or degenerative disc disease, DO NOT accept the “standard of care” here in the U.S., which is fusion of the spine, as your only choice. Fusion produces terrible results – neck collars, pain, immobility, certain future surgeries, etc. – yet that’s all we can get here. Compare that to the fact that Susan and I walked into town for ice cream TWO DAYS after her surgery.

If interested, hit me up and I’ll tell you how we went about this.

10 responses to “Here’s the Church; It is in Stiepel

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  1. Beautiful image Rob and I’m so glad Susan is doing well.

  2. Beautiful church. I love your title. I remember my grandfather teaching me that little rhyme with hand actions.

  3. Excellent image! So glad the surgery went well! All the best for you and Susan!!

  4. Fascinating building – I can see the different window styles that, to a limited degree, plot its history. Strange to see half-timbering so high up on a building. Glad to hear that Susan is doing well. I don’t know whether you know that I was a doctor – a family doctor or what we call GP over here. In the NHS in the UK, most referrals were to the local hospital as dictated by block contracts. Half the skill was however getting to make good contacts with acknowledged specialists outside that immediate area so that patients with unusual problems could access the experts with detailed skills in the appreciate disciplines. I never got to refer overseas but it seems you made a very wise decision here with respect to spinal surgery, Rob. Don’t mess with necks. The expense will prove to have been worth it I am sure. All the best to you both.

  5. Nice grab Rob, Hope all is well, all the best to you and Susan…the Empress sends her vibes, as well as mine, KIT

  6. Dude, killer killer shot. But beyond that, I am THRILLED beyond words to hear of the success of Susan’s surgery!!! Fabulous news! Both Mrs. Toad and I send you are very best wishes and a so happy to see a happy ending here for this.

    Your shot is just stunning, and the information you include in your post gives it a lot of depth good sir. Absolutely wonderful work, can’t WAIT to see more from this site!

  7. Dear Rob and Susan, judging from all the well-wishes and compliments on your fantastic shots, you are loved and admired by many. NOT JUST US! Continued success , health wise and carrier, etc. etc. ect. I am getting home sick, just in time……. Andrea & P.J.

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