Through the Glass   9 comments

Through the Glass


Continuing on with the series from the abandoned farmhouse in North Carolina, I found an interesting composition through a door sidelight in the front hallway, looking back toward the kitchen, pantry and other rooms at the back of the house.

One has to tread very carefully through here; the right side of the house is pretty much missing, and the best path is to balance-beam along the floor joists.

Of compositional note: The original frames were much wider, but when I cropped this to something close to a 9:16 format, it just popped.

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9 responses to “Through the Glass

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  1. I love the way you’ve captured the interior of this building. Wonderful image in this post and the previous ones.

  2. Light, lines, framing……it all works to make an outstanding image with all kinds of impact.

  3. Love the composition on this Rob

  4. I love window shots that have multiple doorways and windows in the background, well done Rob, I like

  5. Wonderful! We like to shoot the same sort of subjects. Love your images here … the subjects and your excellent processing.

  6. Totally terrific work here, Rob, second to none! Love the framing, and you were so right to pick this particular aspect ratio and crop to display this piece, it’s just perfect!!

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  8. Hi Rob, all the best to you and Susan, have a great holiday bud

  9. love this series, the colours and compositions that you achieved in these houses is just great, congratulations!

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