Shhh – Sleeping Here…   17 comments

Shhh - Sleeping Here
© 2012 Rob Hanson Photography, All Rights Reserved


There’s nothing better than a warm place, a bit of nectar, and a good snooze.

Without a doubt, this has been one of the mildest winters for this area. Even though I’ve lived in colder places like Montréal and New Hampshire, now that I’ve moved to the south, I don’t miss the snow at all.

On one particularly warm day in December, we noticed a large bee working on a new Meyers Lemon tree that we have waiting to go in the ground. He seemed a bit sluggish, until we realized that he had fallen asleep! Later, as the sun warmed even more, he flew on his way.

Single exposure, f/3.5, ISO400, 1/160s

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17 responses to “Shhh – Sleeping Here…

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  1. Stunning macro, Rob!

  2. This is just outstanding Rob, outstanding!

  3. How cool is that! Great catch man, love those details!

  4. What wonderful details Rob. The focus is perfect for this macro.

  5. That’s cool man. This made me think, I don’t see to many bumble bees out where I am. It’s like they just vanished.

  6. Beautiful macro Rob!

  7. Nice image but where are the catch lights in the eyes??

  8. Incredible macro. The details on the wings is unbelievable.

  9. Outstanding macro Rob

  10. What a great, great shot, Rob! Incredible details in our buzzy friend here, perfectly composed and captured!

  11. This looks great large on the blog Rob, nice catch, those colors are great

  12. Scrolling through my blog subscriptions – I skidded to a stop – Oh! The bee! Stunning. Thank you 🙂

  13. Rob, super macro!! Love it!

  14. Wake Up… need some CF cards, kidding

  15. man, what a stunning shot this is. Stunning detail!

  16. This photo doesn’t need words. It is so amazing!

  17. nice macro

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