Stone Cold Kitty   8 comments

Stone Cold Kitty

Phew! Almost done working on a non-photography related job, so hopefully I’ll soon get a chance to shoot and produce more than I have over the last month.

In the meantime, meet “Stone Cold Kitty.” She sits on top of a rustic, hand-built wall at the Good Life Center in Maine, the same location where Alien Landing was taken. (More info on the Center can be found on that page.)

During processing, I had to figure out how to effect the best crop. In most cases we should try to follow the Rule of Thirds, placing the key subject at one of the intersection points, but it didn’t work out well in terms of retaining the goodness of the wall texture and the colorful plantings. In this case, the best solution was to leave the subjects at the top third line, even if kitty winds up being dead center. After locking in the crop, I think it improved the original composition quite a bit.

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8 responses to “Stone Cold Kitty

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  1. Cool catch Rob. The textures and detail are spot on.

  2. Lovely colors and shadows

  3. Clever title – you’re never going to be out-scared by this cat! Rules are always meant to be broken. I agree, you can’t crop the Right side, the planting on the right side does provide the balance. Well seen.

  4. Excellent image Rob! The textures are amazing and the crop works very well. Glad you are almost done with you project so we can get back to hangouts!!

  5. Wonderful image Rob. I think this crop works very well. That kitty is staring me down.

  6. Love the title and good shot.

  7. This is so cool man! I love the light and shadows!

  8. I really enjoyed this one, Rob, great capture!

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