All Natural Chicken   6 comments

All Natural Chicken


At the home of a family friend, one of her hens patrols the yard. In addition to providing natural insect control, she also produces wonderful omelettes.

Not only is this lovely bird grown naturally and organically, but I was amazed at how little post-processing went into this image, which is a departure from my usual workflow. Just a little vignette, a touch of contrast, and she’s done.

Next up… “Jailbreak!”

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6 responses to “All Natural Chicken

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  1. The detail and colors are so lovely! I’m also jealous of the green grass. We have had a terrible drought here and haven’t seen green grass since April.

  2. Nice shot, Rob. Like the “organic” realism.

  3. First class – a very natural looking shot, really stands out too so well from the background

  4. Nice photo. She’s a beautiful hen!

  5. Beautiful shot…love the details and DoF.

  6. I just LOVE that chicken! Talk about spirit and attitude, you can literally see it from here! Great shot, my friend, well done!

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