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Just prior to shooting the previous image, All Natural Chicken, an alarm sounded as several hens conspired to break out of jail. Hey, the scratch feed inside the coop wasn’t all that bad, but nobody can resist fresh lawn bugs for an afternoon snack.

The white bird, Little Miss Delaware, is such a goodie two-shoes. Evidently, she decided not to risk the escape. Or… was she the lookout?

Analysis of the surveillance camera footage have identified the culprits as (from L to R):

“Barbie” – an American Dominique.

“Little Miss Delaware” – a Delaware (She probably snitched on the others.)

“Red Girl” – Rhode Island Red

“EE” – An Easter Egger who lays colorful eggs.

If you see these hens on the loose, follow carefully at a distance and wait. I like mine over-easy.


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6 responses to “Jailbreak!

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  1. Too funny….terrific shot.

  2. Delightful shot and title!

  3. LOL! Great fun shot

  4. Mmm-kay. I’m just gonna go right ahead and assume no chickens were harmed in the making of this short vignette, were they? HA! You, sir, are a master of both the shutter and the pen! What a wonderful scribe to go along with your incredible photography, Rob!!!! I’d call this one top drawer, but that’s where I keep the egg poaching supplies so that’s just a little too obvious….

  5. What in the “Cluck” is going on here? Fun shot Rob, love the colors of these especially the red one

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