How To Hide If You’re A Moose   4 comments

How To Hide If You're A Moose


It’s not a very effective technique, if you were to ask me.

Moose are pretty amazing creatures. They can be huge, gangly, and somewhat threatening when close by, especially during rutting season in autumn. Despite their size, they can turn into the woods and disappear after taking only a few steps. Yeah… they blend.

As we entered the area where we were going to camp for the night, we saw this bull at the side of the road. Two other people had already drawn him out of the woods by making various moose sounds and calls – again, not really recommended during rutting season unless you like surprises. But their efforts gave us the opportunity to shoot a number of frames of this beautiful beast, a rare treat because most bulls stay deep in the woods during the rut.

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4 responses to “How To Hide If You’re A Moose

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  1. there ain’t no hiding if your that big, great catch Rob

  2. Great capture. Looking forward to seeing more of your images from your trip.

  3. Wonderful capture!

  4. How darned awesome is this! I have to say that my evil ex-stepmom was the size of a small town and she couldn’t hide either. We sure wanted her too, but she didn’t. If only your post was available back then we could all have benefited…

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