Another Way To Hide If You’re A Moose   6 comments

Another Way To Hide If You're A Moose



Yesterday, we learned the first lesson of How To Hide If You’re A Moose. Since our friend’s technique wasn’t very effective, he decided to try a new tactic – hiding behind a big pile of road sand.

I hated to tell the poor guy that it still wasn’t working very well. The antlers were a sure giveaway.


(Note: In all seriousness, we were just tracking the moose’s activity from a safe distance as he wandered around the location, browsing and looking at these two-legged creatures with idle curiosity. All moose images were taken with a 300mm lens.)


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6 responses to “Another Way To Hide If You’re A Moose

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  1. Haha…great shot! 🙂

  2. Oh, I love this!

  3. That’s just an excellent capture. I love the way you’ve caught him peeking at you.

  4. Ha! What a great shot this is. We were in a deer park last year and the testosterone of the stage was sky high. Bellowing, with antlers decked out in any bit of grass, bracken they could manage to tangle around them. Unfortunately light was dead flat and I had not taken a long lens with me that day.

  5. How moose-er-iffic! If I were a moose I’d subscribe to your blog straight away for some excellent tips and insights. Nice job helping the moose community out there, Rob.

  6. Great catch, looks like a fun time following that beast around

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