Oh, No… I’m Getting Happy Feet!   12 comments

Oh, No... I'm Getting Happy Feet!
With apologies to Steve Martin for the comedic reference…

On our 2010 trip to New Hampshire, I finally bought a long-desired pair of Limmer hiking boots. Peter Limmer & Sons are fifth generation Austrian bootmakers, and a pair of custom Limmers are pretty much the Holy Grail of footwear for hikers.

Based on the popularity of last year’s images “The Bootmaker”, “They Never Call”, and “Homeless”, Peter once again kindly allowed me to bring my camera and tripod into the shop, but this time, he pointed me to the attic of the old barn building that houses the business. (With customers in the shop, maybe he wanted me out from underfoot, or was trying to figure out just how creeped out I could get…)

Built in 1758, the barn was once used as a dance hall. Geez… That’s over 250 years old! Today, the outer wings and attic of the barn are used mainly for storage, and in this case, for storage of old lasts used in the bootmaking process. Peter assures me that there’s no real system to the arrangement, although they are sorted by size, and are sometimes used as firewood.

I spent about an hour up in the attic. Susan, for some reason, chose to stay downstairs most of the time, chatting with some of the customers.

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12 responses to “Oh, No… I’m Getting Happy Feet!

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  1. Wonderful shot Rob – superb capture and processing!

  2. Crazy location and great capture!

  3. That’s cool man. Nice shot.

    Got me interested as I was thinking of having a pair made. These guys have a nice style and look great! To bad you have to go all the way there for a pair of customs.

  4. Great Title! Love the image. The lighting could not be better. Really well done Rob! Congrats on the boots!

  5. Absolutely stunning, my friend, I can’t get over this scene! Well captured and processed, truly sympathetic to the scene!

  6. absolutely wonderful!

  7. LOL what a funny shot. Wonderful processing as usual Rob.

  8. Nice processing Rob in some apparently difficult lighting, well done and congrats on the new souls!

  9. This is just awesome man, what a cool find, and the processing is superb!

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