The Drift   8 comments

The Drift

The Drift

Some people trick out their cars or motorcycles. Others sink thousands into landscaping. Me? I like to dress out the kayak, mostly with safety bling and sandals. (The boat is a 2000 Perception Eclipse, Kevlar, composite bulkheads, a little over 17 feet. Susan has a similar version, but a bit smaller. And firecracker red.)

The other day – mid-November, mind you – the weather was forecast to be almost 80F, so we felt it was our responsibility to go out for a nice, long paddle trip. This spot is near Hammocks Beach State Park and Bear Island, one of our favorite destinations. Bear Island is separated from the mainland by a few miles, with a network of creeks flowing through rich marshlands, filled with Great Herons, Egrets, Pelicans, and a host of other shorebirds.

We worked our way upwind during the morning, with a nice wind-driven coast back to the landing in the afternoon — just the way it should be. Late in the afternoon, not wanting it to end too quickly, we beached up to take in the last warm rays of the setting sun.


This is a single-exposure image. I used it to test out several new product versions in the world of Photoshop Plug-Ins. (I have to wonder if these product uprgades were released just in time for Christmas?)

Flipping back and forth between Nik Color Efex Pro 4, Topaz Adjust 5, and OnOne Perfect Effects from Perfect Suite 6, I was struck by the architectural similarity between them.

There used to be a time when running a filter would return a single filter result in a layer (the old PhotoTools from OnOne excepted.) Now, in Adjust and Color Efex Pro, we have the ability to stack effects together, adjusting each to taste, without having to continually pop in and out of Photoshop (or Lightroom, or Aperture.) This is clearly a good approach, as all three companies have adopted this model.

Each plug-in set has different features, pre-sets, strengths and weaknesses, of course. Which one is best for your purposes is a matter of taste and convenience. But I must say, all of these companies are pouring on the steam to develop kickazz modules, and we as photographers benefit from that competition.

If there is any drawback to this, it comes from trying to decide which filters you need at a given time. Oh, the horror of too many options. 🙂

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8 responses to “The Drift

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  1. Nice compo Rob, and I agree with the horror of too many options at times

  2. I had 2 sit-on-top kayaks when I was living on Long Island that served as dive platforms. You shoulda seen those babies when they were loaded with scuba gear, dive flag, anchor, lunch and tethers for just about everything. Your kayak is a beauty.
    Too many options. I’m trying not to become seduced by all the overload. I’m finding that If I stick to a basic workflow and then maybe dabble with some of the other options if the image doesn’t feel quite right. Having said that, do you think I should buy OnOne Suite 6? LOL
    BTW, the paddle in this image enhances the already ex. compo.

  3. Great composition Rob. Great anchor with the kayak against the reeds in the background.

  4. Lovely composition and focus. The positioning of the paddle and that tiny intrusion of land on the right edge into the mass of water are clever touches.

  5. That’s way cool. Do you ever do any shooting from your boat? I would be paranoid to take my camera on something like that, lol.

  6. Love this shot, Rob. I found myself staring at it for a while, taking in the composition and all the emotion of the scene you’ve captured here. There’s something totally compelling to be enjoyed here, this is a fan-flippin-tastic shot, my friend!

  7. Love the comp here, Rob. Great shot, my friend. Lovely scene.

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