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Garden Guardian


As I was clearing some brush and small limbs to make way for a hugelkultur, I noticed one of our guardians sunning himself in the morning sun.

This is a Carolina Anole, and despite appearances, he’s only about 5″ long. We love having the anoles around, as I’ve seen them scampering around with bad bugs — big bugs — in their mouths. Now, if we could just expand the diet to include slugs, we might get some Napa cabbage this year.

Knowing that true rest is hard to find, I couldn’t disturb him, so these branches never made it to the section I was digging that day. Nature is best left undisturbed.

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13 responses to “Garden Guardian

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  1. He is so chill. I like the garden idea too!

  2. Handsome devil he is! Nice!

  3. Great catch Rob. He has a very content look on his face and was probably vey happy you didn’t make him move.

  4. Looks like he just ate one of those big, bad bugs you were talking about and is now resting it off. I agree though, best to leave him be for now.

  5. They never stay still for me, nice macro Rob, and I learned a new word today

  6. Nicely done Rob! He looks pretty relaxed, hope you are as well!

  7. Are these not the coolest little guys? We have dozens in our yard and I can spend hours just watching them hunt.

    Oh and BTW, I have decided to stay in Houston. Rhode Island is not for me.

  8. PS….why am I not on you blogroll!!! 😉

  9. The shot is truly top drawer and your thoughts are totally profound. Love this post, my friend!!

  10. Great shot Rob. Cool use of DOF.

  11. Whoa, awesome find here man! Love those details, this is incredible!

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  13. What could looking little guy! Thanks for the gardening tip — never heard of that before but it makes sense. I have thinking of doing something different with my garden as right now the Texas heat kills it the way it is built right now.

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