Boats on Somes Sound in Early Morning Fog, Maine   9 comments

Boats on Somes Sound in early morning fog, Maine


Ahhhhh… This was the view from our campsite while we were at Acadia National Park/Mt. Desert Island. Placid water, cool temperatures, and mysterious fog rolling through Somes Sound made for one of those delightfully perfect mornings. No coffee was necessary to be fully alert in a place like this.


In a departure from my usual workflow, I took a new tack by merging three frames in Photomatix to create an .HDR file, but instead of tonemapping in Photomatix, edited the resulting file in 32-bit, then 16-bit mode directly in Photoshop. Since I’ve tended to post-process in a more ‘realistic’ style lately, the steps were perfect for the look I wanted to achieve.

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9 responses to “Boats on Somes Sound in Early Morning Fog, Maine

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  1. There is so much going on here and I keep looking for more. Nice job!

  2. This is just a fantastic image Rob. Beautifully captured and processed.

  3. Fabulous shot. All the pieces fit so well creating interest and contrast. That fog bank is a tremendous backdrop.

  4. A WOW image. One of your best Rob. Awesome capture and processed beautifully.

  5. Rob, stunning shot!

  6. Thanks, Scott, Edith, Andy, Bob, and Robin! I’m glad you enjoyed this one.

  7. I love everything about this photo – the boats, the reflections, the sky pinking up as the sun begins to burn off the fog. Just beautiful!

  8. Absolutely terrific, Rob, great shot! Love the details and reflections!!

  9. Very nice Rob!

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